UArp: Unlimited Arpeggiator / Sequencer


UArp is a Max for Live MIDI arpeggiator, sequencer and a note hold.

UArp uses the power of auto generated MIDI data, while at the same time giving enough real time control to make it sound and feel like a legitimate musical instrument.

How Does It Work?

UArp works differently than a traditional arpeggiator / sequencer:

  • The incoming MIDI notes act as Arp steps rather than MIDI notes
  • Arp step pitches are handled as arp-parts rather than note-transposes
  • A MIDI side-chain is used for activating the arpeggiator / sequencer
This makes UArp extremely powerful and much more practical when compared to the traditional approach.

Key Features

  • Unlimited Arp Steps, Note Lengths, etc.

    Using Ableton Live’s clip as Arp data has many advantages:

    • Unlimited Steps
    • Unlimited Note Lengths
    • Polyphonic Arp Support
    • Sophisticated switching of Arp steps via Ableton Live’s clip launching mechanism
    • Ability to apply MIDI effects on Arp input
UArp - Max for Live Device: The Ultimate Arpeggiator / Sequencer by MIDIMood
  • Advanced Note Shuffling / Timing

    UArp can shape note timing as follows:

    • By using Ableton Live’s grooves (to apply per note timing)
    • By setting the Note On source (to follow arp-in/note-in timing, or both)
    • By applying sync markers (to define accurate, note independent timing)
  • Enhanced Note Hold

    UArp has all UHold’s note hold modes and much more:

    • Ghost mode dedicated for Arp playback
    • Setting the Note Off source adds more flexibility
    • Sync marker lengths enables further fine tuning
  • Powerful Sequencer

    UArp acts as super sequencer with unlimited input and advanced timing:

    Monophonic / Polyphonic / Multiphonic

    • In Seq mode, the sequencer is set to monophonic or fully polyphonic
    • In Seq-Poly mode, the level of polyphony can be controlled in real time
    • In Seq-Multi mode, every key held down will act independently as a transposer for the incoming notes (multiphonic)
  • Pattern Retriggering

    UArp has the ability to retrigger the input pattern by relaunching the playing MIDI clip:

    • Mode 0: Retriggers on first key played after releasing all keys
    • Mode 1: Retriggers on every key played
  • Special Mode for Drums

    UArp is capable of sub-clip launching of a specific drum instrument’s performance:

    • The gate mode is used to play/mute notes at a specific pitch (drum instrument)
    • Combined with the toggle mode, every key acts as an on/off switch for the corresponding drum instrument

Audio Demos


Rounik Sethi, Executive Editor for Ask.Audio

“If you think you know arpeggiators and how they work, this new and innovative Max for Live device, UArp, might still offer a few surprises yet.”

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UArp: Impressive M4L Arpeggiator & Sequencer

“This application is just one demonstration of M4L’s incredible versatility and power in manipulating MIDI data. With high quality sound sources, there is surely a lot that can be done.”

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System Requirements

  • Windows: 7, 8 or 10.
  • Mac: OS X 10.7 or higher.
  • Java runtime environment 1.6.
  • Ableton Live 9 is required and Max for Live 7!


Package Content

  • 2 X Max for Live Devices: UArpRecv.amxd and UArpSend.amxd

    The UArpRecv device is the UArp engine itself and should be placed on the instrument track.
    The UArpSend device sends MIDI-In data to the UArpRecv device and should be placed
    on another track that accepts MIDI input.

  • User Guide (Ableton Live Lessons Format)

    Detailed guide covering every aspect of UArp.
    This guide is attached to the template live set and will be shown automatically upon loading.
    It is highly recommended that the user guide be read from start to finish.

  • 3 X Live Sets (Guitarist, Pianist and Performer)

    These Live sets were used to produce the demo video.
    The instruments in these Live sets have been replaced by ones that are supplied with
    Ableton Live for free to prevent copyright violations.
    All the Live sets in this package are royalty free and can be used without limitation.

  • Template Live Set

    This is a good starting point for working with the UArp devices.
    This Live set hosts the user guide and contains a dedicated rack to make the use of the UArpRecv device straightforward.